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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (The Hunger Games #3) by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
First published by Scholastic in 2010 (this edition by Scholastic in 2010)

Book #3 in The Hunger Games series

Description (from Goodreads):

My name is Katniss Everdeen. Why am I not dead? I should be dead. 

Katniss Everdeen, girl on fire, has survived, even though her home has been destroyed. Gale has escaped. Katniss's family is safe. Peeta has been captured by the Capitol. District 13 really does exist. There are rebels. There are new leaders. A revolution is unfolding.

It is by design that Katniss was rescued from the arena in the cruel and haunting Quarter Quell, and it is by design that she has long been part of the revolution without knowing it. District 13 has come out of the shadows and is plotting to overthrow the Capitol. Everyone, it seems, has had a hand in the carefully laid plans -- except Katniss.

The success of the rebellion hinges on Katniss's willingness to be a pawn, to accept responsibility for countless lives, and to change the course of the future of Panem. To do this, she must put aside her feelings of anger and distrust. She must become the rebels' Mockingjay -- no matter what the personal cost.

My thoughts:
As everyone probably knows, Mockingjay is the third and final book in the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins (you can find the reviews of the previous two books in this series here and here). Before beginning to read this book, I had seen a few reviews on Goodreads which, while not saying that this book was bad, stated that it was their least favourite in the series. So when I started reading, I was a little guarded and did not know what to expect.

I want to say something here. I think I loved this book for exactly the reasons some people have said they didn't as much. In this book, we get to see Katniss' weaker side. In the first two books, she has survived two rounds of the Hunger Games, has killed more people than she wanted to and has gone through so much, I think she is entitled to be feeling a little lost. In Mockingjay, she lives in District 13, after the bombing that completely destroyed her home in District 12. She doesn't really do much there and is expected to adjust to the strict programme that District 13 operates under, while at the same time, they are trying to get her to become the face of the revolution.

This novel is a lot darker than the previous two, as it focuses a lot on all the plotting to overthrow the Capitol. There are many twists and turns within the book, quite a few of which I did not expect and really did come out of nowhere. I loved the fact that we got to see more of Gale, as well as good bit of Peeta (I was expecting a lot less after only a few pages in). The ending was wonderful. You certainly can't expect a happy ending from a book like this and I believe the way Suzanne Collins handled it was great.

All in all, a great end to a wonderful series. I loved the fact that though it could have been quite similar to the first two, but it wasn't and, in fact, went in a completely different direction. And yeah, if you haven't read it, then do! You definitely won't regret it.

Rating: 10/10

You can find out more about Suzanne Collins at the end of my review of The Hunger Games.

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  1. I thought Mockinjay was a beautiful ending to an amazing series. I read all three books within a few days and Mockingjay made me shed a little tear at the end!

  2. I often feel I have a better experience reading a book when people have said they don't like it! I did like the fact that it was different, I just felt the structure was lacking and she tried to cram too much into it. I think with a really strict editor I could have really enjoyed it. I gave it 3 stars which is a decent read for me.

  3. I agree, the fact that it was different to the first two books was really good but I also felt that is was this new structure which held the book - and Katniss - back. There were too many rules and regulations and it was a world I really couldn't enjoy.

    Like Selina, I read the whole series in a matter of days - I actually think this also made me enjoy the book less because I didn't have to wait and build a connection with the characters.

    It is my least favorite in the series, but like you said, that doesn't make it a bad book.

    Excellent review (:

  4. And also thanks for participating :).

    Oh Mockingjay ! What an awesome series ! And this book was so great !
    Even if I didn't really like the last few pages :/.

  5. It was good but the first two had so many more emotions and action you feel like your living in the book and it was amazing story to be able to feel like your apart if but the last book is still weak compared to the first two but i definitely think you should read it.


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