Saturday, 18 June 2011

Author A-Z Challenge: P

Authors from A to Z

Is it the 18th already??

P is for
Philip Pullman
Beatrix Potter

Philip Pullman
I remember my Grandpa telling me over and over (many years ago) to just read Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, until he actually got fed up and gave me his copies of the books (which I still have).  (Just a note here to say that my Grandpa NEVER reads fiction...) It has been ages since I read them but they really are lovely books, which are definitely worth reading.

Beatrix Potter
The 'P' post would not be complete without mentioning Beatrix Potter. I remember reading these books when I was very young. I had a box set of them (though I don't think it was the complete one). Lovely little stories, with wonderful illustrations, they really were my favourite books as a child!
I actually enjoyed the film they made about Beatrix Potter's life! You can check out the trailer HERE if you want to! (I don't think it got very good ratings, but I enjoyed it nevertheless!)

Back again on Monday with the letter Q!


  1. I really liked the Pullman books but I couldn't get into the last one.

    Good luck with your next letter :)

  2. Haha! I will need it! I do have an idea for it though...

  3. I could never get into Northern Lights when I tried to read it a few years ago (I think my copies of the series are in the loft somewhere now so I might give it a go again someday).

    I never read Beatrix Potter's books - not that I can remember anyway - but I did love the cartoons they made. I still remember the intro of 'Potter' walking on that hill/field to paint. Such a cute show :) Did you watch it?

    The movie of her life was really good though, I agree with you, it's much better than the ratings would imply (:

  4. Beatrix Potter! Great choice! :-)

    I look forward to what you have in mind for Q. I have one author to post about, but I'm grateful just for that! ;-)

  5. I still need to get started with the HDM trilogy. I love it when people give you books that they really love and you end up loving them to. Those books I never get rid of because they have that little extra.


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