Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Settings Of All Time

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish. This week's Top Ten is about our favourite settings in books! I know this is going up a bit late (as it is already Wednesday here), but I really wanted to do this one and didn't have any time earlier!

So here goes (as always in no particular order!)

Anywhere (and I mean anywhere) in England
I love books that are set in England! They usually come with descriptions of the areas  in the book and some of them I can relate to and visualise properly, as I have been to England loads of times! Be it London (or the greater London area) like Bridget Jones, High Fidelity and 1984, or somewhere else in England (eg Bath in a few Jane Austen Books, Lyme Regis in Beautiful Creatures by T. Chevalier), I just love reading them!
(Yes, I do have a thing for England! Everyone here in Greece thinks I'm weird, though...)

The District Areas in The Hunger Games
I know some of them just sound plain awful, with people getting beaten every day - some of them even to death - and everybody having to work very hard to earn enough money to feed their family, but I'm still curious.

Ixia and Sitia from the Study series
They sound like such fascinating places. Forests, great plains, red lakes and castles! And magicians! Sound like fun! Scary... But still fun!

Harry Potter's England (London and Hogwarts)
I know I mentioned England before, but Harry Potter's world is a completely different thing and deserves separate mention! I dare someone to tell me they would want to live in the HP world...

Italy (mostly Florence and Rome)
I've actually been to these two Italian cities and I love books that mention them, because it reminds me of things that I saw there with my own eyes! There are other books that I have read that are set in Italy, but  are about summer holidays on the Italian coast (which I haven't been to), but I love reading those too. To mention a few books, Love Falls by E. Freud, The Villa In Italy by E. Edmondson, Angels and Demons by D. Brown.

Lyra's Oxford from Northern Lights
I know it's another one that is in England, but I really can't hep myself. The descriptions of Lyra's Oxford make it sound so lovely, with all those magnificent buildings. I've been to Oxford once and it was really lovely.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Ireland and Scotland
Right now, I am a little tired and I cannot think of a single book I have read that might have been set in Ireland or Scotland... But I'm listing it here anyway, as these two places (they're UK, but they're not England, so I am not repeating myself again!) are places that if I know a book is set there, it will make me want to read it! I mean, come on! Who doesn't have a thing for Scots and Irish men/boys???

I'm going to stop now, because I am stuck for ideas... It's rather late here, too....

Goodnight! xx


  1. I haven't read much about Italy except Under a Tuscan Sun, which made me want to drop everything and move there. I also loved the Dan Brown books and all the running around Paris and Rome he did.

  2. The Hunger Games is definitely an interesting world. The arena is particularly well-described.

    Check out my list here

  3. I like how you love everything British. Well, I moved to Ireland 5 years ago and I can tell you that the guys are not all that... :)

  4. I covered almost every place, I think!

    Here is my Top Ten post!


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