Thursday, 2 June 2011

Author A-Z Challenge: B

Authors from A to Z

Today is Day 2 of the month-long Author A-Z Challenge. Today, my favourite authors whose surnames begin with the letter B.

B is for
Dan Brown
Malorie Blackman

Dan Brown
Now, don't you look at me like that! I know a lot of people don't really like his style of writing, as they say it is rather predictable, but he still hits the bestsellers' list with every book he writes. I have read all of his book so far, my favourites being the two that are not about Robert Langdon (ie Deception Point and Digital Fortress). His writing does follow a certain pattern, but I like them for the sheer amount of information he manages to cram in one book without making it seem tiring. He and his wife apparently do loads of research for each book.

Malorie Blackman
I am going to be completely honest here. She is not really a favourite author of mine. I remember reading Noughts and Crosses years ago (around the time it first came out, I think) and I did not enjoy it at all. Some years later, I tried reading the second book in the series, Knife Edge, but couldn't get into it and stopped reading it. However, seeing as my brother thinks I am a complete idiot for not liking them (and because of the fact that they seem to be a favourite series for loads of people), I have decided to try reading the series again this year.
I did like her writing though. I just didn't love the story. Anywho, I will read them this year! It's a personal challenge.

Please stop by tomorrow for the letter C!


  1. I love Dan Brown too! Still have to read The Last Symbol though... I loved Digital Fortress!

  2. Now, why hadn't I thought of Dan Brown? I loved Angels and Demons – even more than I enjoyed the DaVinci Code. Haven't read The Lost Symbol, though.

    I have not heard of Malorie Blackman. I'll have to find out more about her series. Good luck with reading it this year. Maybe the third time really will be the charm! ;-)

  3. Your brother is right!!!! (I'm going to be honest, I only read the Malorie Blackman section, it caught my eye)

    Let me know when you do attempt them again, I might join you. It's been so long since I read them and I want reviews on my blog. Make sure you read all four point five of them (:


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