Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Author A-Z Challenge: A + The Info

Authors from A to Z

A few days ago, I noticed that Heather at Proud Book Nerd is hosting an challenge throughout the month of June. As it is a posting challenge (and not a reading one), what we have to do it share our favourite authors in alphabetical order (by last name) every day, starting with A and going through the alphabet.

It was rather difficult coming up with authors for every letter of the alphabet and I will admit that I have drawn a complete blank on a few letters, but I will try and be creative and come up with something that will be in the spirit of the challenge!

So, I start off today with my favourite authors whose last names begin with an A.

A is for
Jane Austen 
Margaret Atwood

Yeah, I know they're completely different between them, but, as you may have seen from my blog, me reading tastes are rather varied, so it shouldn't seem too weird. Here is some info about each one of them!

Jane Austen
Well, I suppose all of you know who Jane Austen is, but I decided to include her here as she is one of my favourite authors.
I know quite a few people find it difficult to get used to Austen's style of writing, but once you get used to it (which I found rather easy), you can lose yourself in her stories. She has a very strong voice and it shows in the way she creates her heroines. I have only read three of her books to date (Pride & Prejudice, Persuasion and Northanger Abbey) and I have enjoyed them all!
If you really can't get into the books (which is perfectly understandable), then why not try watching one of the films based on her novels. (There's Emma, Pride & Prejudice (film), Pride & Prejudice (BBC series - absolutely recommended), Northanger Abbey and Sense & Sensibility).


Margeret Atwood
I will confess, I have only read one of her books: The Year of the Flood. At the end of it I was left with a sense of  'eh???'. It was weird... Very weird. But it's dystopian, so I suppose you are meant to be left with a bit of confusion. Anyways, the writing was so good that I read it in record time (ie two days, while going out on various all-day trips around Norfolk and Cambridgeshire). I hadn't even heard of Atwood before picking up the book. But I know who she is now and I am looking forward to picking up some of her other books this year!

Any authors you would recommend??


  1. Jane Austen was on my short list, too. Definitely one of my favorites!

    Thank you for playing along! :-) I'm excited to see what everyone's doing! And don't worry, I've got probably half a dozen – maybe one or two more – letters that I'm stuck on, too! LOL

  2. Oh Jane Austen :).
    I love her ! Have you been in Bath in England?
    If you are a Jane Austen fan you'll love it :D !

    I add you on goodreads :) (i'm ifmary)

  3. Hi Marie!
    Unfortunately I haven't been to Bath, though I'd love to! I've been to quite a few places in England, but not Bath. Maybe this year!

    Thanks for following! :)


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