Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Author A-Z Challenge: F

Authors from A to Z

Continuing with the letter F today and a full set of 3 authors!!! :)

F is for
Gillian Flynn
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Cornelia Funke

Gillian Flynn
It was my brother who first found out about Gillian Flynn, because of her book, Sharp Objects. He had seen the Greek edition of it in our local bookshop, but wanted to read it in English. We looked for it everywhere and in the end, we managed to get our hands on a copy of it! It really is such a good book! I loved her other novel, Dark Places, too! It had me guessing until the end, just like Sharp Objects!

F. Scott Fitzgerald
I'm not sure if I should count him under the Fs or under the Ss, but as I have far too many authors starting with an S, I decided to put him here. I only recently finished reading The Great Gatsby and I really enjoyed it! It is a very well written book, plus it's rather short and doesn't take too long to finish. After reading it, I also found out that Fitzgerald also wrote The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! It's obvious that I haven't read it and I haven't seen the film of it yet, either, but I hope to get to it soon enough!

Cornelia Funke
I remember reading this one years and years ago and absolutely loving it! It's a rather long book and it's a translation (from the original German), but both the story and the translation are so good, that it was rather easy and very enjoyable to read! Some years later, I also bought Inkspell, the second book in the series, but for some reason, I haven't read it yet. I think I might try and re-read the first one and get round to reading the second one sometime this year! I also hope I get to read some of Funke's other books! I've been seeing quite a few of them around as of late!

Come back tomorrow for the letter G!

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  1. I have not heard of Flynn. I'll have to check out some of her books.

    I would put Fitzgerald in the F list, too. I don't know if the Scott is a middle name or what. I read The Great Gatsby so long ago that I don't remember how much I liked it! LOL I know I did, I just don't remember if it was a good-OK or even better.

    I almost put Funke on my list, too. I LOVED Inkheart, too. I read the series in a matter of acouple of weeks – tracked down Inkdeath at the library! LOL Very good!

    Now I'm off to catch up on the posts I missed over the weekend! :-)


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