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The Abandoned & The Strange Case of Finley Jayne

Next up are some mini reviews of some mini stories. Both these novellas are prequels to books only recently published and the e-books were free to download from

The Abandoned by Amanda Stevens
The Graveyard Queen #0.5

Description (from Goodreads):

There are rules for dealing with ghosts. Too bad Ree Hutchins doesn't know them.

When her favorite patient at a private mental hospital passes away, psychology student Ree Hutchins mourns the elderly woman's death. But more unsettling is her growing suspicion that something unnatural is shadowing her.Amateur ghost hunter Hayden Priest believes Ree is being haunted. Even Amelia Gray, known in Charleston as The Graveyard Queen, senses a gathering darkness. Driven by a force she doesn't understand, Ree is compelled to uncover an old secret and put abandoned souls to rest—before she is locked away forever...

An ebook exclusive prequel to The Graveyard Queen series.

My thoughts:
I rather enjoyed this story. I wasn't sure what to expect of this, as I had noticed that even though the main character in the actual series is called Amelia Gray, she seems to have been mentioned only in passing in the blurb. In this book, we don't get much insight into the world of Amelia Gray from her point of view, but rather from a different person's POV. Thus, it felt to me as if the author is trying to prepare the ground for the introduction of Amelia Gray as a main character. 

I have to say I liked that. I don't know if there are many prequels to story series that do not feature the main character, but I found it was a rather original idea. And the story is a full, albeit short, story that stands well on its own. In some parts it did feel a little rushed, but not in a way that particularly bothered me. The main thing is that it made me look forward to reading the first book in The Graveyard Queen series, The Restorer, which was published a little over a month ago.


The Strange Case of Finley Jayne by Kady Cross
Steampunk Chronicles #0.5

Description (from Goodreads):

Finley Jayne knows she's not 'normal'. Normal girls don't lose time, or have something inside them that makes them capable of remarkably violent things. Her behavior has already cost her one job, so when she's offered the lofty position of companion to Phoebe, a debutante recently engaged to Lord Vincent, she accepts, despite having no experience. Lord Vincent is a man of science with his automatons and inventions, but Finley is suspicious of his motives where Phoebe is concerned. She will do anything to protect her new friend, but what she discovers is even more monstrous than anything she could have imagined…

An ebook exclusive prequel to The Steampunk Chronicles.

My thoughts:
Oh my... What can I say about this prequel? It was just so, so good! In this case, the prequel actually focuses on the main character of the series, as opposed to The Abandoned. We find out more about the character of Finley Jayne before the events in the first book of the series, The Girl In The Steel Corset. (If I am not mistaken) 

The story is quite a long one (probably half the size of a regular book), with a very good development of characters and a rather interesting storyline. I loved Finley's character and I am looking forward to seeing what exactly it is that makes her 'not normal'. I'm probably going to give in and buy the book for myself sooner than I had originally planned.

Disclaimer: Both these e-books were available for free download from


  1. I downloaded them too, but haven't read them yet. The steampunk chronicles prequel sounds really good, so I should get to it already. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I so love the sound of both these novellas, especially The Abandones, as it has a spooky sound to it. Thanks so much for sharing! Must check out these novellas!


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