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Tyme's End

Tyme's End by B.R. Collins
First published by Bloomsbury in 2011 (this edition by Bloomsbury in 2011)

Description: (from back cover)
Bibi feels out of place everywhere - everywhere that is, except for Tyme's End, the deserted house that she breaks into when she thinks nobody is nearby. There she unexpectedly meets Oliver Gardner, the owner of the house, who's just returned after ten years away. Their story and the story of Oliver's grandfather becomes inextricably entwined, linked as they are by Tyme's End itself. For Tyme's End is more than just a deserted house. It is a house that by turns can be romantic, beguiling, sinister and malevolent. It is a house that had a cruel and manipulative owner. And anybody who enters Tyme's End must prepare themselves for terror ...

My thoughts:
This book was a very pleasant surprise! I started reading it without really knowing what to expect, but, as the story progressed I found myself more and more engrossed in the story!

The actual story is split into three parts, each one describing the events that happened in a particular year (mainly over the course of a few days to a few months each). It starts off with Bibi's part in the story, which is set in 2006. As it says in the blurb, Bibi essentially feels at home only when she is at Tyme's End, a deserted house near her home. She has actually set up her own corner in a room in the house, to run to whenever she feels low. There, quite unexpectedly, she meets Oliver, the owner of the house, who has not set his foot in England (or Tyme's End) for 10 years. Through her encounters with Oliver, we learn many scraps of information, which only caused me to want to keep on reading the book, to find out what has happened!

Thus, we get into the second part of the story, which is set in 1996 and is told from Oliver's point of view. That, as you can see is ten years earlier. That leads us to the third - and last - part of the story, which is set in 1936. With these two last parts, we get to find out the exact history surrounding Tyme's End.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the air of mystery that the author enveloped Tyme's End in. The way the story progressed was just right, giving us just the right amount of information to make us speculate about what really happened. The author gives all sorts of information, describing various scenes in such detail, that you end up thinking, 'Ah! Yes! That's it! I knew it all along!'. But in the end you just sit there thinking, 'Wow! Did not see that one coming.'. And that makes a talented author. She makes you go exactly where she wants you to go. That takes some talent.

All in all, this book was a definite surprise! It's one of the best mystery books I have read as of late and I would really love to read Ms Collins' other two books, to see if they're just as good! Definitely recommended!

Rating: 8/10

B.R. (Bridget) Collins has graduated from both university and drama school. Her debut novel, 'The Traitor Game' won the Banford Boase Award in 2009 and was longlisted for the 2009 Carnegie Medal. She currently lives in Kent.
Her other books are:
Goodreads page
Goodreads page

Counts as Book #31 in my 100 Books In A Year Challenge and as Book #15 in the British Books Challenge 2011.

(Disclaimer: I received this book from Bloomsbury for free, as part of a prize pack. Everything stated above reflects my own views on the book. My review has not been influenced in any way.)

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed this book! I love this author and Tyme's End was a gripping read for me. I definitely recommend her other novels!


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