Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Mean Girls In Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish.

This week we are making a list of the top ten meanest girls in books. Or - as Jamie from The Broke and The Bookish says - top ten female characters she'd bitch slap.

So, here is my top ten list (in no particular order):

1. Elena from the Vampire Diaries series
Oh, did I want to slap her! Honestly, from the first few pages, she became one of my least favourite characters. She is completely and utterly self-absorbed, has to have everything she wants and ends up ignoring her best friends quite a few times in the process... I have no idea why they were still friends with her...

2. Adorna from Sharp Objects
I suppose that for the daughter to have so many problems, there had to be something wrong with her mother's treatment, but she was just one reeeeally bad person. Technically, she's not a girl. But from the descriptions in the book, she was the same even when she was younger, due to the fact that she had an unloving mother herself. Anyway, she was definitely a b----.

3. Amma from Sharp Objects
I know this might be cheating a little bit, but this one was even worse than her mother, Adorna. She is supposed to be 13 years old in the book, but from what she says and does, it's quite obvious that she does not have the mentality of a 13 year old. She manipulated everyone in sight. The more I read about her, the more I disliked her.

4. Anne Boleyn from The Other Boleyn Girl
She just wanted power, power and more power. When she saw that King Henry (the VIII) showed a preference for her sister, Mary, she worked twice as hard to lure him away from her. It worked in the end, but look where that led her... Her head was cut off...

5. Miss Caroline Bingley from Pride and Prejudice
She just meddled in everything. Hateful comments - both in front of and behind Elisabeth's back - about her upbringing and talents, constant criticism and she was just awful to poor Jane, when she went to London.

I'm going to stop here... This was a rather hard list to come up with and, to be honest, I can't come up with any more... I was probably sitting in front of my bookcase for about 20 minutes trying to find books with bitchy female characters in them... I think I failed... There are books with characters that I can't stand, but they're not really bitch-y in the books, so I don't think they qualify for this list... Maybe some other time!

Which ones did you put on your lists??? Feel free to leave a comment! :)


  1. I had trouble with this list also.

    Here's mine:

  2. Yes, #4 & 5 totally agree! I didn't think of them in time to add them to my list.

  3. I hear you, I browsed my book list for a long time and researched character lists. It's much harder to remember the antagonist of the story. But you did come up with some great choices. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  4. I chose Anne Boleyn too. I think it'd been easier if I read the bitch slapping part as I could have come up with more characters but I went for actual mean ones.

    I haven't read The Vampire Diaries but I watched season one of the TV show and I agree Elena is annoying.

  5. Anne was definitely a cruel and contriving person, but she still holds a place in my heart.

  6. Elena got on my nerves after awhile too. I am a new follower. :)

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