Friday, 29 April 2011

TGIF (1)

TGIF is a feature hosted by Ginger from GReads! every Friday! This feature allows us to re-cap our posts of the week and answer a fun question at the same time!

This is my first time participating in TGIF, but I rather liked the question so I decided to join in!

This week's question is:

Stand-alone's vs Series: what's your stance?

This one is an relatively easy one! I love both of them! I read a great number of books that are just stand-alone novels, but I also read a similar amount of books that are part of a series. Though, thinking about writing the answer to this question made me realise that - as of late - most of the books I have been reading are parts of series.

Stand-alone novels are stand-alone's because of the fact that the length of one book is enough to tell the story exactly the way the author wants to tell it. On the other hand, series are made because the authors feel that their story is too long to fit into only one book.

Other than that I have to add that even when books are a part of a series, I do not read them back to back. I prefer spacing them out over a period of time, because I find it a little too much to read all together. Whereas, if I read a few books in between, then I actually enjoy the next books in the series more! Though it all really depends on my mood at the time...


This week I also posted (if you're interested!):

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  1. I like to read series when I need something comforting to read as I already know the characters, even if the subjetc matter isn't comforting! I am more like the read them back to back and then get disappointed when there's none left!


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