Friday, 4 March 2011


Ordered this one from Amazon, because I just had to read another Stiefvater book! I think I'm hooked! Here goes:

Lament by Maggie Stiefvater
First published by Flux in 2008 (this edition by Scholastic in 2011)

Book #1 in the Books of Faerie series

Description: (from back cover)
Sixteen-year-old Dee is a cloverhand - someone who can see faeries. When she finds herself irresistibly drawn to beautiful, mysterious Luke, Dee senses that he wants something more dangerous than a summer romance.
But Dee doesn't realise that Luke is an assassin from the faerie world.
And she is the next target.

I remember the reason I ordered this book in the first place (which was only a month or so ago, but even still). I had just finished reading Linger (and loved it - see post here), and discovered (while writing my review) that Stiefvater has also written another book series, about fearies this time! And I just knew I had to read it!

When the book arrived (in the beginning of February), I decided not to read it straight away. I thought I should read a few different books before picking up one of her books again. But FINALLY, the time came!

I really really liked this book. I can say now (with three books of hers read) that I love Maggie Stiefvater's style of writing. I can't real;y say why, but she gets a pace going in her books, that just make you not want to put the book down and read it all in one sitting. (Unfortunately I couldn't do that...)

Deirdre (Dee) is a girl who is quite shy, but has a wonderful musical talent. We first meet Dee when she is going to perform in a competition, where she has to play the harp and sing. She also has this thing, where she ends up puking up her guts when she is nervous! I could completely sympathise with that... That is how she meets Luke Dillon, who helps her and then, ends up performing with her, accompanying her with his flute. The strange thing is that Luke is the person Dee dreamt about the night before. A focal character in this story is Dee's best friend, James, who, (surprise, surprise!) is in love with Dee, and everyone but her seem to know it!

Now, I can't wait to read Ballad, the sequel to Lament!! I will have to order it first, though!


Rating: 9/10

You can find information about the author in my post on Maggie Stiefvater's book ''Linger'', which you can find here!

Counts as Book #15 in my 100 Books In A Year!


  1. I want to give you a fair warning about Ballad. I really loved's just I didn't like Dee in it. I loved James story and the way it worked out for him, but Dee's side of the story is kind of confusing and unfinished. I do hope Maggie writes a 3rd novel for her.

  2. I got that feeling too, from reading the summary... Hmmm...

    Thanks for the 'warning'! I'll let you know what I thought when I end up reading it!


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