Monday, 7 March 2011

Mouth-Watering Monday (1)

Mouth-Watering Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Brittany at Nice Girls Read Books. I only just found out about this meme and I think it's a great idea! There are some books that make you want to read them just by looking at the cover.
It happens to me all the time, but I bet it's happened to every book buyer out there!

Here are my picks for this first week! I was just browsing through Amazon when I stumbled upon them, so obviously something drew me to them!While I don't think they're jaw-dropping gorgeous, there is something there that caught my eye! (All links go straight to

1984: I just love this cover of 1984. I think it captures the whole Big Brother thing (with that sinister looking eye)

The Hare With Amber Eyes: I think this cover is so cute! I especially like the fact that everything but the bunny (sorry, hare...) seems to be out of focus. I don't think I'd ever read this book (it's a biography, and I just don't DO them), but the cover would definitely make me pick the book up. Having said that, the title is also somewhat intriguing...

The White Woman On The Green Bicycle: I can't say why I like this book cover, really... I just do.

Tiger Hills: I love the colours on this cover. The whole combination of colours, flowers and the two children in the middle made me want to find out what the book was about!

I don't think there's much that connects these books between them, but I liked them all, so there!

Which are some of your favourite covers?

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  1. Thank you for participating this week!!!! :D Loved all the covers!


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