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The Winter Ghosts

I have read Kate Mosse's other two book, ''Labyrinth'' and ''Sepulchre'', so I just had to try this one too, to see what it would be like.

The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse
First published by Orion in 2009 (this edition by Orion Books Ltd. in 2010)

Description: (from back cover)
'Do you believe in ghosts?'
It's 1928. Freddie Watson is still grieving for his brother, lost in the Great War. Driving through the foothills of the French Pyrenees, his car spins off the road in a snowstorm. Freddie takes refuge in an isolated village and there meets a beautiful, captivating woman. They spend the night talking of love and loss and war. But by daybreak, Fabrissa has vanished and Freddie realises he holds the key to an ancient mystery that leads him deep into the mountains, to a cave that has concealed an appalling secret for 700 years . . .

''The Winter Ghosts'' is a very enjoyable book. As I mentioned before, I have already read Kate Mosse's other two books, which I thoroughly enjoyed! Sepulchre more so than Labyrinth, but both very good books regardless of my slight preference.

I was quite surprised when I first opened the book to find that - other than the fact that it is quite a small book - it has very large print! Which essentially means that the book is even shorter than I had expected. It was very easy to read, without being boring or anything like that. About half way through the book, you will probably get the feeling that you know what is going to happen in the end. Well, you might be wrong, you might be right...

I have to say here that I could not entirely sympathise with the main character, Freddie. He seemed to me like a very weak person, from the way he did not cope with his brother's death. But I suppose that of he hadn't been as he was pictured in the book, there would not have been much point in writing the book in the first place.

I have to admit that there was one thing that irritated me: the fact that once more, the book is set in the Carcassone area in France. As were the other two books I have mentioned. I know that the author lives both in England and in Carcassone, but it's one novel too many, in my opinion. I'm ok with the other two books as they are part of a trilogy (the Languedoc trilogy), but it wasn't necessary to have this one set there too... Having said that, I don't mean she should never again set a novel in Carcassone, but she should probably set one of her next ones someplace else, just for a change.

Just to finish on a nice note: This book is probably an ideal book to read when it's bitterly cold outside and you are curled up on your settee with a nice cup of hot, strong tea. It says on the back cover that you should 'stop the clock and read it in one sitting', which I am sure would be just perfect! (If only it were that cold over here... and I had a fireplace...)

Rating: 7/10

Kate Mosse is a British author and broadcaster. She was born in West Sussex and was educated at Oxford University. She currently lives in both West Sussex and Carcassone with her family. She is the co-founder and honorary director of the Orange Prize for Fiction. Other than ''Labyrinth'' and ''Sepulchre'', Kate Mosse has also written ''Eskimo Kissing'' and ''Cricifix Lane''. ''The Winter Ghosts'' is her latest novel. The last book in the Languedoc trilogy, ''Citadel'' is due out sometime in 2011.
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Counts as Book #11 in my 100 Books In A Year Challenge and as Book #6 in my British Books Challenge 2011!

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