Wednesday, 2 February 2011

One Thing Led To Another

Book title: One Thing Led to Another
Author: Katy Regan
Publisher: Harper
First published: 2009
No of pages: 359

Description: (abbreviated version of back cover) Tess Jarvis' rules for life have always been relaxed... She has always been one to wing it but she's fast realising that her bank of blag is running out of funds. At 28, is it time to grow up? Maybe having a baby with your best friend isn't the best way to start...

Review: I was going through some books from last year to put away, when I stumbled upon this one. And I wondered ''Why haven't I read this one?''. So, I kept it out and started reading it straight away, even though I was trying to finish of ''Northanger Abbey''. And I managed to finish it in two days flat (quite a feat when I have been spending 7-8 hours a day writing stupid projects). 

I actually enjoyed this book immensely! I knew I was in for a not-so-challenging read, but it didn't really matter! I honestly enjoyed it soo much! The storyline revolves around Tess, a 28-year-old journalist, who has just found out she's pregnant with her best friend's baby. The book is about all the decisions - sometimes stupid, sometimes mature - that she has to make now she is pregnant, even if it means never being with the guy she thought she loved the most.

The end is pretty predictable, but even that doesn't spoil the appeal of the book! I get that with many books. I know the end (either because it's blatantly obvious, or because someone had been babbling and I heard), but it never seems to put me off reading them! I've always been interested in how the story goes until it reaches the end! I suppose I'm lucky that way!

Honestly, though, I think this book is well worth reading! Don't expect it to be philosophical or anything... It's a nice, sweet, romantic story, with many funny parts and a fair share of sad ones (just to even it out!). I think you'll enjoy it!

Rating: 7/10 (for its enjoyableness)

Author: And, as always, author info! Katy Regan is a journalist for Marie Claire, where she started working in 2002. While at the hight of her career, she fell pregnant in 2004 by her best friend (who remained as her friend). She decided to keep the child and went on to become very successful with her column ''And then there were three ... sort of''. One Thing Led to Another is her first book, which is based on her very successful column. She now writes for her blog, hosted on the Marie Claire website.

Counts as Book #5 in my 100 Books In A Year and as Book #3 in my British Books Challenge 2011!

G'night everyone!

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  1. Great review and totally fascinating about the author's personal history. It just goes to show how personal experiences can inspire writing. It sounds like a great romcom.


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