Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Time Traveler's Wife

First book ... I think I will begin with a book that I finished fairly recently: The Time Traveler's Wife. I seriously do not like the American spelling of traveller... It looks like it is wrong...Sorry, I'm a bit off topic. This is a book that was written by Audrey Niffenegger and was published in 2003. This book is the author's debut. As she is artist (painter ... I think), she thought to create a picture-story, with pictures she would paint herself, and which would be about a man who could travel through time and his wife. But she realized that this would be quite difficult to depict something that is three-dimensional onto paper ans so, she began working on it as a novel. After several years of work (from 1997 until 2003, when it was issued), the ''The Traveler's Wife'' was ready. Its cover is shown below, although it has now been re-released with the poster of the movie as a cover.

The book talks about a man, Henry, who can travel through time, but is unable to control the place where he ends up going, or the amount of time for which he is there. On one of these travels, I meets Clare, when she is 6 and he 36. As the story continues, we learn that they marry when Clare is 20 and Henry 28. The story goes on , describing the relationship that develops between the two protagonists, from the perspectives of both Henry and Clare. But we also learn about the relationship of each of the characters with their families, the (common and non common) friends, in a way that gives depth to the characters and explain why some events happened as they did in the book.
The reason why I read this book was because it was recently made into a film. I  haven't seen the film, but I heard quite a few things about it and this led me to buy the book. I started reading it and I have to admit that in the beginning I didn't like it very much. Yes, it is quite an original theme ... Yes, it is written in a different way (with several jumps in time)... But not much more... However, since I rarely stop reading books I have already started, I decided to continue reading it, and I must say that, in the end, I really enjoyed the book!! While I was nearing the end of the book, I nearly started crying, something that I don't often do with books ...
The film, which is based on the book, was released in 2009, starring Eric Bana in the role of Henry and Rachel McAdams in the role of Clare. I have not seen the film yet, and there is a very important reason for this: I'm sure that when I do end up watching it, I will start crying so hard... Of course, at some point I'll make the decision and I will watch it! For anyone who wants to see, here's the trailer of the film, so as to get a first taste.

In my opinion, this is a really good book, with a very interesting plot. While using a theme  that many writers have written about (travel time), she presents it in a way of her own, completely different way, which I personally think is very gripping. The story might be quite sad, but I think it deserves a chance. As for the rating I would give the book, I am inclined to 7/10.
Audrey Niffenegger recently published a second book called Her Fearful Symmetry, and while is now preparing her third book entitled The Chinchilla Girl in Exile.
Finally, here are some links about The Time Traveler's Wife and the author, that some people might find interesting!

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