Monday, 21 June 2010

First post... Hmmm...

Hello from me! First post ... It is quite difficult to find a theme on which to base an entire blog ... But say you do find one... The problem is to keep on writing it ... I've tried doing it before and it didn't really last ... The main reason for that was that I had not found a theme... So now I decided to write a blog on what I know best (and others might consider boring ...), ie books ... Every time, I will find a book, which I probably would have read, and I will comment on it, without telling you all the details (in case you decide to read it ... I don't want to spoil it for you!).
Seeing as I have both the space and the time, I'll advertise my brother's blog! It's about music and, more specifically, several new (or not so new) bands ... So far at least, he has only posted information about bands! If he decides to write about something else later, I do not know! The link is here:
Coming soon... a new post on a book!
See ya!

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