Thursday, 5 January 2012

2011 Challenges - How did I do??

I spent the better part of the day today trying to update all my challenge lists from last year, as well as trying to look through all of the new challenges available for this year and deciding which ones to go for. For now, I will just focus on last year's challenges.

So, in 2011, I signed up for 6 challenges:
- 100 Books In A Year Challenge 2011 (hosted by Book Chick City)
- British Books Challenge 2011 (hosted by The Bookette)
- Dystopia Challenge (hosted by Bookish Ardour)
- Victorian Literature Challenge (hosted by Subtle Melodrama)
- 1st In A Series Challenge 2011 (hosted by A Few More Pages)
- 2nds Challenge 2011 (hosted by A Few More Pages)

(The links above lead to my sign-up/keeping-track posts for those particular challenges.)

As you will be able to see if you click on the above links, I didn't do too badly! I managed to complete 5 out of the 6 challenges!! Yay me!

For the 100 Books In A Year Challenge: I actually ended up reading 124 books last year. Which I have no idea how I am going to top. Because I know I have a busy year ahead of me, I set my Goodreads Challenge to 100 books again, which I might increase if I see that I am doing better than I thought I would be!
Challenge completed! 

For the British Books Challenge: Another success here! The aim was to read 12 books by British authors and I managed to get my total up to 31!!!!! I know that some bloggers out there who also participated in this challenge managed to read more than 50 books by British authors, but I am seriously happy about my own accomplishment!
Challenge completed!

For the Dystopia Challenge: This one is actually one challenge that I thought I would do better... I aimed to read 15 books during the year and I only just completed it, by reading 16 dystopian books in total. I'm still happy I managed to complete it though!
Challenge completed!

For the Victorian Literature Challenge: This is the one I failed miserably at.... I went for one of the lowest levels (I can't remember if it was actually the lowest one there was), and the aim was to read 5-8 books published during the years of the reign of Queen Victoria. I managed to finish 3 (The Scarlet Letter, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and The Picture of Dorian Gray) and tried starting The Moonstone (which I just gave up on), so I failed. But it's still an accomplishment, isn't it? I don't know if I would have read those particular books this year if it hadn't been for this challenge! So, I suppose it's plus! But still...
Challenge failed.

For the 1st in a Series Challenge: Another one I did pretty well on! I aimed for 12 books, but actually got round to reading 32(!!!) books that were first in a series!
Challenge completed!

For the 2nds Challenge: This one I really only just completed! I aimed to read 12 books and I read 12 books. So, success!
Challenge completed!

All in all, I didn't do too badly, did I?? You can click on the links to get to my lists of books or you can just click on my Reviews A-Z page to see all the books I have read since I started blogging!

The post with the signups for the challenges I have decided to participate in this year will probably go up sometime tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that!

Did you take part in any challenges last year? How did you do?

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  1. Well done on all (but one) of your challenges! You did really well, and I don't think any of us can blame you for failed VicLit :)


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