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Wildflower Hill by Kimberley Freeman

Wildflower Hill by Kimberley Freeman
First published by Hachette Australia in 2010 (this edition is an eGalley provided by S&S through their S&S Galley Grab programme)

Description (from Goodreads):

In 1920s Glasgow, Beattie Blaxland falls pregnant to her married lover Henry just before her nineteenth birthday. Abandoned by her family, Beattie and Henry set sail for a new life in Australia. But life is not about to follow the plan that Beattie had hoped for and fate will play her a cruel hand... In 2009, London, prima ballerina Emma Blaxland-Hunter is also discovering that life can also have its ups and downs. Unable to dance again after a fall, Emma returns home to Australia to recuperate. But on arrival she is presented with some surprising news - her recently deceased and much-loved grandmother Beattie Blaxland has left her Tasmanian property to Emma. Told through the eyes of a young Beattie Blaxland and a contemporary Emma Blaxland-Hunter, this is an emotionally charged, seductive tale of self-discovery, secrets and surprises.

My thoughts:
Wildflower Hill tells the story of two women: Beattie and Emma, grandmother and grandaughter. On the one hand, we have Beattie. Growing up in Glasgow in the 1920s, she falls pregnant from her married lover Henry. When her mother finds out she is pregnant, she kicks Beattie out of the house and leaves her to make her way on her own. She finally ends up in Australia, together with Henry, where they try to start a new life. Only it doesn't seem to go like Beattie wanted it to.

On the other hand, we have Emma. Emma is a world famous ballerina who has a devastating accident and is unable to keep on dancing professionally. At a loss for what to do, she decides to go back to Australia. There she finds out that her grandmother, Beattie, has left her a house in Tasmania, for when she is unable to dance anymore. She decides to go and is very surprised with what she finds out there.

Wildflower Hill really is a lovely story. The writing is very good and the characters are very well developed. During the course of the story, you get to feel so bad about all the things that have gone wrong with Beattie's life. At some point, I was pretty sure that nothing worse could happen. And then, it did. As for Emma, I can't say I really liked her in the beginning, as she was a little self-centered, but she definitely did some growing up throughout the book.

Though the book really was lovely, I felt that the ending was a bit too quick. Everything else seemed to happen at a regular pace and then, for some reason, the author seemed to be hurrying along events, so as to get to the actual ending. And I just loved that last chapter.

Rating: 8/10

Kimberley Freeman is the pen name of Kim Wilkins, an Australian author of popular fiction. She has written horror, fantasy and mystery books as Kim Wilkins and writes general women's fiction under her pen name.
Some of her books include:

You can find out more about Kim Wilkins on her official website/blog HERE.

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  1. Sounds like a really good book :) You have a knack for finding books I've never heard of and making me want to read them. Would you say it was YA or adult? Not having read it, it sounds more adult.

    I hate rushed endings though. They're normally the make or break of a book. I might read a book that is pretty 'meh' all the way though then the ending will decide whether I love it or hate it and rushed endings usually lead to the latter.


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